The  sculptures in this secton represent the span of my forty year career.

Sculptures - Previous Works

  1. Nick andNora
    Nick andNora
    Bronze 10.75" high Edition of 35 SOLD OUT
  2. Tyler (with frog)
    Tyler (with frog)
    Bronze, 34' high, lifesize Edition of 6 SOLD OUT
  3. Rice Basket
    Rice Basket
    Terra Cotta, maquettes for larger bronze sculpture. SOLD OUT
  4. Venutto Family Portraits
    Venutto Family Portraits
    Bronze, Unique. Lifesize Similar commissions available
  5. The Voyager
    The Voyager
    Bronze, edition of 18 One of twelve MINNESOTA HERITAGE bronzes, 1980-82 COLLECTION SOLD OUT
  6. The Walkover
    The Walkover
    Bronze, lifesize, eleven fteet high on rotating steel base, 1 of 1
  1. Wapiti Spirit
    Wapiti Spirit
    Bronze, 56" high Edition of 10 SOLD OUT
  2. The Lift
    The Lift
    Bronze, 11" high EDITION SOLD OUT
  3. Golf Collection
    Golf Collection
    Bronze, approx. 10" high on rotating walnut bases, Edition sold out
  4. Original Ballet Sereies
    Original Ballet Sereies
    Bronze, each 6" high
  5. Thumblina
    Bronze, approx/ 36" high, plumbed as a fountain, Edition of 10 EDITION SOLD OUT
  6. Tombstone
    Bronze, 25.5" high, originally titled HOMBRE, private commission, Edition of 35 SOLD OUT
  1. Leap Frog
    Leap Frog
    Bronze, lifesize Edition of 2 SOLD OUT
  2. The Long Drive
    The Long Drive
    From the Golf Series EDITION SOLD OUT
  3. The Gymnast
    The Gymnast
    Bronze, 8"including base NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  4. Portrait Bust
    Portrait Bust
    Bronze, lifesize Original Commission Unique
  5. Nora
    Bronze, 14.5" high Also part of NICK AND NORA EDITION SOLD OUT
  6. Last Tango In Paris, Texas
    Last Tango In Paris, Texas
    Bronze, 24" high Edition of 35 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  1. Title 1
    Title 1
  2. Burt, Reading the Break
    Burt, Reading the Break
    Bronze, 13.5" high From Golf Series NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  3. Chili Peppers
    Chili Peppers
    Bronze, 24" high on revolving base Edition of 35 NOLONGER AVAILABLE
  4. On a Cold Trail Home
    On a Cold Trail Home
    Bronze, 23" high Availablein black or brown patina. Edition of 18 EDITION SOLD OUT
  5. Tang Horse No. 2 (Rosebud)
    Tang Horse No. 2 (Rosebud)
    Bronze, 18" high Edition of 10 Was cast with blue-green or Brown patina on rotating cherry base. EDITION SOLD OUT EDITION SOLDiOUT
  6. Tang Horse no.1 Four Square 1
    Tang Horse no.1 Four Square 1
    Bronze, 19" high Available in blue-green or brown patina on rotating cherry base. Edition of 10 EDITION SOLD OUT
  1. Bull Rider (2nd version)
    Bull Rider (2nd version)
    Bronze, edition of 10 EDOTOPN SOLD OUT
    Bronze, approx. 30" high Unique casting. SOLD
  3. Title 3
    Title 3
  4. Title 4
    Title 4
  5. Title 5
    Title 5
    Bronze, 18" high NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  7. Title 9
    Title 9
    Bronze, 21' high Unique casting AVAILABLE
    Bronze, 21" high Commission, Unique
  10. Bronze, 26.5" high Available in green or brown patina on green marble and cherry base. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
    Bronze, approximately 16" high, Edition of 35 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
    Bronze, lifesize. 54" high Edition of 2 Plumbed as fountain EDITION SOLD OUT