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Set in rural Minnesota in 1938, the death of a transient worker on a Works Project Administration construction project, known as the "WPA", this is just the beginning of a series of deaths culminating in one last event bringing justice to the community. This is a historically based narrative without a specific hero. It is a story describing the prejudices affecting an entire community, from laborers and farmers to merchants and Native Americans, to lovers and law enforcement.

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Set once again in rural Minnesota, The Legend of Maximillian Bauer brings Tom Hall back to Chippewa County as he tries to solve the death of a beautiful but promiscuous woman. Murdered in scandalous circumstances, Roberta Swan’s death is only one in a series of events which will be traced to the immigration of members of a well-known local family nearly one hundred years earlier.

Tom Hall traces a complex chain of events as pioneers cross the Atlantic Ocean, then cross the American prairie to find new homes, lives, and loves.

While this is a fictional tale, it is set in real  times and locations, with events which could very-well have happened to people you knew. Just as in real life, it contains all the passions of lust, hate, and love you might expect from real people.

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When Arthur Norby’s friends Joe and Nancy Paddock suggested he write his autobiography, Joe said,  “I think a lot of younger artists would benefit from the story of your life.”

In Arthur Norby, The Artist You Never Knew, readers will be taken on a journey through more than eight decades of the artist’s life.

Arthur Norby was born on Christmas Day, 1937. As a toddler, his first home was in a tar paper shack on a barren hill, just outside the small Minnesota town of Montevideo. Today he is a nationally recognized sculptor, painter, and author.

There have been enough failures or dead ends in his life to demoralize the heartiest person. Fortunately, there have also been enough successes to overshadow those events. In his autobiography he shares his failures as well as his successes. The artist’s good choices as well as his bad choices are laid before the public. Arthur Norby, The Artist You Never Knew gives a rare insight into an artist’s life.

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Published in 2002, Journey is a 120-page large format book showcasing a collection of more than eighty sculptures by Arthur Norby. Bronze sculptures from the artist’s mid-career, including monumental works such as the Minnesota Korean War Veterans Memorial and a heroic scale bronze of Arizona Senator Ernest McFarland, are shown in full-page and full-color. The book includes an extensive and interesting artist’s statement, studio photographs showing sculpture in progress, whimsical and western genre sculpture, as well has many figurative and portrait sculptures.

The book is available in hard cover and in a limited edition, leather-bound edition, both protected in a full-color dust jacket.

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